High Output On-demand Contaminant Scrubber - Super Scrubber 16000

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The Super Scrubber 16000 is a durable, powerful wall-plug-in unit that combines the cleansing power of hydroperoxides with on-demand portability, a high-output blower, and 4-stage HEPA filtration for treating large areas.

Application: Office buildings, hotels, food service facilities, restaurants, laundry facilities, sports complexes, medical buildings, warehouses, factories, conference rooms and more.

Electrical: 2-speed air capacity: 1000 and 2200 CFM. 1.5 hp motor.

Mechanical: Built in dolly and durable wheel casters. 4-stage filter: fiberglass, synthetic fibers, carbon media, and HEPA 99.97% efficient filter

Dimensions: 25" L X 24" W X 38" H

Weight: 150 lbs.