Commercial and Industrial Contaminant Reduction - C3500

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The C3500 is a heavy-duty air system combining the power of oxidization technology with special absorbent cartridges to reduce smoke, odors, fats, oils, grease, and ultra-fine particulate as well as treat and control specific contaminants on surfaces. For greater control, the C3500 cartridge array can be configured for varying indoor conditions and environments as needed.

The C3500 is designed for use in restaurant kitchens, machine shops, industrial areas, printing facilities, or other commercial areas. With coverage for large areas, C3500 can be wall mounted and used with a standard 120 VAC outlet or hard-wired.

Application: Commercial and Industrial buildings such as kitchens, machine shops, or other environments with heavy oil, fat and grease.

Electrical: 120 VAC, 2.5 amp, 60 Hz, 250 Watts

Mechanical: 52 CFM free air delivery fan. Front-mounted output control

Dimensions: 13” H x 37”W x 13”D

Weight: 58 lbs.