Sports Complexes, Fitness Facilities, and Locker Room Odor & Contaminant Reduction

The benefits of Ram Environmental technology are a perfect fit for sports facilities, gyms, fitness clubs, and locker rooms where there are many shared surfaces and potential for transfer of bacteria and viruses. To combat these problems, Ram Environmental provides a very effective way to treat the air circulated by HVAC systems as it passes through ductwork and into indoor environments, taking the solution to the source.

Our products actively neutralize odors and reduce contaminants inside ductwork and in ventilated spaces. Areas as small as 500 square feet can be treated as effectively as 10,000 square feet. Multiple units can easily be used in the same installation to achieve required coverage.

Our technology kills odor causing bacteria on surfaces that can't easily be cleaned, like gym bags, sports gear, lockers, & rubber mats. It is also very effective in killing staph and MRSA strains, which makes it an excellent continuous sanitization solution to include in locker room hygiene programs. Get the benefits of a cleaner facility without the use of harsh chemicals like ozone.