Residential Odor and Contaminant Reduction

An average home is full of invisible contaminants and odors which are sealed into a mostly air-tight space. To create a healthier home, effective environmental conditioning becomes as basic as the need for heating and cooling.

Providing a house that’s fresh, clean, and free of odors will increase comfort and provide a sense of security. When putting a house on the market, it can also help improve the perception of value. Our products are designed to conveniently and effectively make indoor living spaces fresher while reducing odors and contaminants in the air and on surfaces.

Let your immune system rest while you're sleeping. Our technology sanitizes the air and surfaces of your home 24/7 - killing bacteria, viruses, and mold. The safe process controls odors - including pet odors and other musty smells. Enjoy fresh air indoors and a cleaner, safer environment for your family.