Food Service & Restaurant Sanitization Solutions

Mildew and odors from drains, garbage cans, moisture, and grease can be replaced with fresh, clean indoor air if treated with our technology, which produces hydroperoxides that work throughout the indoor environment, carrying cleansers to the source and treating the area for odors and contaminants. Concerns over indoor pollutants can make dining unpleasant for some people. Health threats and contamination concerns on surfaces are a top priority in the food service industry.

Environmental conditioning products from Ram Environmental are designed to quietly, effectively, and continuously help create a cleaner, healthier environment in both food preparation and dining area. Whether it’s the entire building or just the ice maker, our technology can make a positive difference to staff as well as customers.

Using this technology in walk-in coolers can help to lengthen the life of produce and perishable foods by reducing the growth of common bacteria. Reducing food waste produces significant cost savings for food service companies. These products can be installed in ice machines to reduce the buildup of bacteria in the machine and in the ice. Restaurants and food service establishments can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars over costly chlorine tablet treatments by using Ram Environmental's solutions.