Ram Environmental provides solutions for:

Residential Solutions

Your Home

Let your immune system rest while you're sleeping. Our technology sanitizes the air and surfaces of your home 24/7 - killing bacteria, viruses, and mold. Our technology controls odors - including pet odors and other musty smells. Enjoy fresh air indoors and a cleaner, safer environment for your family.

Food Service Establishments

Using our technology in walk-in coolers can help to lengthen the life of produce and perishable foods by reducing the growth of common bacteria. Reducing food waste produces significant cost savings for food service companies. Our technology can be installed in ice machines to reduce the buildup of bacteria in the machine and in the ice. Restaurants can save hundreds of dollars over costly chlorine tablets by using our technology.

Schools & Childcare Facilities

Our technology safely kills odors and sanitizes learning environments without the use of harmful aerosols or harsh chemicals. Our technology continuously cleans surfaces - including desks, knobs, faucets, carpets and other surfaces that children touch. Less germs means less likelihood of an illness outbreak.

Sports Complexes & Locker Rooms

Our technology kills odor causing bacteria on surfaces that can't easily be cleaned, like gym bags, sports gear, lockers, & rubber mats. It is also very effective in killing staph and MRSA strains, which makes it an excellent continuous sanitization solution to include in locker room hygiene programs. Get the benefits of a cleaner facility without the use of harsh chemicals like ozone.

Medical Buildings

Our technology has proven to be effective against MRSA, H1N1, stomach flu & several other microorganisms. Continuous sanitization of air & surfaces can help to reduce infection rates in patients and employees.

Sanitization Solutions for any Building


Our proprietary oxidization process is a safe, effective technology that continuously kills viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi with an advanced oxidation process that creates natural cleansing hydroperoxide molecules 24/7, which are safe, environmentally friendly oxidizers that convert back to oxygen and hydrogen after killing airborne and surface pollutants. These molecules work 24/7 to oxidize and kill airborne and surface germs, contaminants, and odors - sanitizing the air as well as carpets, walls, countertops and other surfaces while you work and while you sleep.

Our solutions can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars
over traditional sanitization methods.

Below are a variety of solutions we have provided to solve tough issues for businesses and homeowners:

  • Elimination of mold and mildew problems in Cassano’s Pizza dough factory, walk-in coolers, and ice machines

  • Elimination of mold problem and protection of staff and customers from germ and microbe transference at the Medicine Shoppe of Middletown  

  • Mold and bacteria were eliminated from walk-in coolers and kitchen areas in six different schools within the Huber Heights City Schools district.

  • Eradication of mold odor / sick-building syndrome in a medical building managed by Don Wright Realty of Centerville, Ohio

  • Removing pet odors for new occupants of rental properties managed by Don Wright Realty

  • Improving the quality of life for homeowners who suffer from extreme allergies to mold and bacteria

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